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This section of Shmuelbennachum.com, covering the Goldberg group families, is dedicated to the late Manis Goldberg (1911-2002), by his daughter:



Manis Goldberg



"Manis Goldberg strove for nearly 50 years to find the first cousins who re-emigrated from London to the USA during his childhood, and who initially kept in touch with their British relatives. But when the four daughters of Israel's brother in New York all married and no-one had a record of their new surnames or addresses, the trail was lost. After the war, Manis advertised in Jewish newspapers in America, to no avail, and Belle also made enquiries when a cruise brought her to Florida in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Ironically, it was to that state the American family decamped after leaving New York.

The advent of the internet prompted Saul, and Manis' daughter Anthea, to reactivate the search and, with the help of Anthea's friend Helen Auerbach,  Manis' one surviving first cousin was tracked down to her Florida home. This launched a renaissance of contact, not only with some of the Goldbergs in London, but also cousins in Paris of whose existence the younger New York Goldbergs had apparently been unaware. As Scheindl's daughter Marie had been living for several years in the USA, that in itself was ironic, but the chain was finally mended and three branches of the Goldberg family were at least nominally reunited.


Tragically, the reunification, which would have thrilled Manis so much, despite his deafness, occurred just eight months after his death. Undoubtedly, he would have been in touch with his surviving cousin on the phone immediately."



Anthea Gerrie

May 2004






A history of the Komorowski family, which includes connections to the Rudecki, Lipman, Brajtbart, Goldberg, Parzenczewski and Freeman families.

  • Maps of Poland, showing location of Lodz  (coming soon)

Lodz was, and still is, Poland's second city, and was home to hundreds of thousands of Jews prior to World War II.

JewishGen is the leading website in the field of online Jewish genealogy. Its ShtetLinks project encourages landsmen to build and publish websites for their ancestral shtetlach in the heim. The ShtetLinks site for Lodz is huge and very impressive, drawing on a myriad sources and benefiting from a number of volunteer projects. By browsing this amazing website, you can really gain a feel for the size and nature of the pre-war Jewish community there.

Grocholice, located 29.1 miles south of Lodz, was a tiny village with only a handful of Jewish residents, but these included the Goldberg family for at least two-thirds of the 19th century. It is unlikely that they originated in the town, as only one Jewish family lived there in the 1770s, but the Goldbergs may have settled there from nearby Belchatow. Pinkas Hakehillot is the JewishGen-based project dedicated to publishing the surviving Yizkor books for shtetlach whose Jewish communities were destroyed in the Holocaust. This page provides some population statistics and a very brief history of the Jewish community in Grocholice.

Belchatow is a sizeable town located 26.7 miles south of Lodz. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, up until World War II, it had a vibrant Jewish and non-Jewish population and the town expanded to include the village of Grocholice in the late 19th century. This ShtetLinks site for the town covers many of its Jewish genealogical sources, as well as providing histories and testimonials from former residents, and a great many photos of the town, past and present.

  • Aleksandrow Lodzki:

Aleksandrow Lodzki, located 8.5 miles WNW of Lodz, was the home of the Krzywie family from the 1830s, prior to which they had lived in Burzenin.


  • Information about Aleksandrow Lodzki in Encyclopedia Judaica



This is a very brief history of the of the Jewish community and the events of the Holocaust in Aleksandrow.


NEW 21 SEP 2005


This is the only photo I have of Aleksandrow, which is published on a website of old postcards of Polish towns.

Konstantynow Lodzki, a few miles north-west of Lodz, was the ancestral shtetl of the Tempelchof family. This Pinkas Hakehillot (see above for definition) page provides some population statistics and an extensive and fascinating narrative about the Jewish community of this weaving town.

A solemn tribute to each of those of the Goldberg group families who lost their lives.





Due to the sensitive nature of making available information concerning living individuals, I have felt it necessary to institute a password protection system to proceed beyond this point. I reserve the right to distribute the password at my discretion. Please e-mail me at saulmarks@hotmail.com if you think you may be related to these families.






















Each of the following pages contains thumbnails and captions; just click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version.


  • Page 6  -  Photos of Szajndl Goldberg, Szlama Parzenczewski and family  (coming soon)





  • Le Début d'une Vie  -  by Ester Malka Rycine  (coming soon)


These are the memoirs of Madeleine Rycine (born Ester Malka Parzenczewska) from her birth in Lodz in 1919 to the liberation of Paris in 1945. It is a remarkable story of how a family left the heim and started a new life in the West, only for that to be shattered as Nazism took control of continental Europe.


  • War Memoirs of Rachel Oger  (coming soon)


These are the memoirs of Rachel Oger (née Parzenczewski), who was born in Paris in 1930. She describes in detail her family's happy evacuation en masse to the French countryside, and contrasts with this her experiences of war-torn Paris and the effect the Nazi occupation had on the family's life, two years later, with the arrest and deportation of her parents.


  • Recollections of Norman Marks  (coming soon)


Norman Marks tells of his early childhood in London and being bombed out in 1940, prompting his evacuation to the Buckinghamshire countryside. Norman also remembers the big family funerals of his grandmother Chana Ita Tempelchof and uncle Kiwa (Kaye) Goldberg in the early 1950s, as well as a visit to dinner by strongman Joe Breitbart.






A list of those members of the Goldberg group of families who appear on ship manifests, moving to the United States to start new lives.

A list of those members of the Goldberg group of families appearing on the 1911 Census of England and Wales.

A list of those members of the Goldberg group of families appearing on the 1920 Census of the USA.

A list of those members of the Goldberg group of families appearing on the 1930 Census of the USA.

Listings of those members of the Goldberg group of families appearing in Klarsfeld's 1978 book, which details the succession of convoys deporting French Jews to concentration camps from 1942-4. Information about the individual convoys is also given, translated from the French.




An explanation of the role played by Manis Goldberg's regiment in Persia during World War II by an ex-sergeant of the Royal Artillery.




This fondly written article was part of Evergreen's "Music Makers" series, and traces the career of the famous clarinettist and band leader Nat Temple, a descendant of the Krzywe/Tempelchof family.


  • Obituaries of Nat Temple (1913-2008):






This article was written by Anthea Gerrie about Gert Hausbach's visit to the UK in May 2005, which incorporated the Goldberg reunion at the Zetter Restaurant & Rooms. It is an excellent précis of the huge significance of the visit, as a successful culmination of years of searching for the lost branch of the Goldberg family.


My grandparents' house was destroyed in the Blitz in 1940, with my grandmother inside. Miraculously, she survived, and this is my study of the incident and the findings of my research.





A look at the mechanics of how information about the Goldberg group families has been collected and organised, along with the intended direction of investigation, and the casebook of unsolved mysterious and missing branches!

A well-deserved mention for some of the major contributors to this section of Shmuelbennachum.com!

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