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Photo 01-05-01



Chana Ita Goldberg (née Tempelchof)


Probably taken in London, c.1905


Chana Ita was born in Lodz in 1884, although her parents had lived in Konstantynow for some years before and

may have only moved to Lodz shortly before she was born. She married in Lodz in the first few years of the 20th century, before emigrating to London c.1905. She died there in 1951.


Photo donated by Lynda Temple




Photo 01-05-02



Bertha Goldberg (later Harrison)


London, c.1917


Photo donated by Norman Marks




Photo 01-05-03



My grandparents, Marie Goldberg and Sam Marks, on their wedding day


London, 28 October 1934


Sam was born in Manchester in 1907, but brought up in Liverpool. He was a talented violinist and played in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra before moving to London, where he played the violin, viola, clarinet and tenor saxophone all professionally. He died in 1975; Marie died in 1999.


Photo from estate of Marie Marks?




Photo 01-05-04



Izrael Goldberg and Chana Ita Goldberg (née Tempelchof)

with an unknown man, seemingly a Christian minister


c.1930s, location unknown


Izrael and Chana Ita married in Lodz before moving to London c.1905


Photo donated by Rachel Oger




Photo 01-05-05



(left to right)


Ronnie Goldberg

Shirley Gee (later Davies, then Merrian)

Norman Marks

Alan Linder

Bella Linder (née Goldberg)


London, c.1939


Photo from estate of Marie Marks




Photo 01-05-06




Photo 01-05-07


1634702 Gnr Manis Goldberg

249 Battery, 79 LAA (Light Anti-Aircraft) Regiment, Royal Artillery


Probably taken in Iraq, c.1943


Inscription reads: "Fondest Love, Manis"


Inscription on reverse reads: "Goldberg of Arabia"

Another copy of the photo bears the inscription:

"Son of the Desert"


Read an indication of Manis' participation in World War II


Photos from estate of Marie Marks. Published by permission of Anthea Gerrie.




Photo 01-05-08



Manis Goldberg and Esther (aka Stella) Davidson, on their wedding day


London, 23 June 1946


Read an indication of Manis' participation in World War II


Photo from estate of Marie Marks




Photo 01-05-09



Izrael Goldberg and family


London, c.1953


(left to right)


Lou Gee (né Goldberg)

Philip Harrison (partially obscured)

Bertha Harrison (née Goldberg)

Sam Marks

Esther (Stella) Goldberg (née Davidson)

Anthea Goldberg (front, later Ronson, then Gerrie)

Marie Marks (née Goldberg)

Norman Marks (partially obscured)

Rachel (Rae) Goldberg (née Reuben)

Godfrey Linder (front)

Ronnie Goldberg (face completely obscured)

Bella Linder (née Goldberg)

Alan Linder

Izrael Goldberg


Origin of photo unknown, possibly from estate of Marie Marks




Photo 01-05-10



Bella (née Goldberg) and Benjamin (aka Bert) Linder


London, c.1967


Photo donated by Anthea Gerrie



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