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It is impossible to acknowledge every contact I make within each family, simply as there are so many, and it would defeat the object of the section. The following are those who have contributed most to the advancement of the family tree and family history, and why. We are all heavily indebted to you, and to everyone else who has contributed by any means.




  • The members of the Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group who have given me access to their years of hard work on the Cymberknopf family: Leah Bisel, Gideon Carmi and Ilan Krause. Also, many thanks to CRARG's leader, Daniel Kazez, for his development of CRARG and his personal help in my searches.

  • The team who succeeded in finding Uncle Shir’s family, the "American Goldbergs", after over 60 years in the wilderness: Anthea Gerrie, Helen Auerbach, Elaine Gilboa, Joan Parker and Judy Turbin.

  • Gert Hausbach and family of Davie, FL, for being such enthusiastic recipients of the phone call that four generations of Goldbergs had been longing to make.



  • My Lipman/Brightbart research group of Michael Levinson (now of Southport), Martin Lipson of Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire and Jack and Joyce Brightbart of Hunmanby, East Yorkshire, for providing photos and recollections, purchasing certificates and suggesting many useful research ideas.

  • Alice Rieders of North Miami Beach, FL, for providing an enormous amount of information on the existing records of Joseph Gornecki, enabling me to trace his descendants.

  • Eve Line Blum of Paris, for locating and purchasing Danielle Gornecki’s birth certificate, and then providing her contact details, along with valuable explanations surrounding the deportations from occupied France.

  • Carole Burdon and John Denton at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Billingham, Cleveland, for all their help in processing my microfilm requests and extensive notes about exactly what to copy and how!

  • Marie Merlo of Las Vegas, NV, for providing photos and recollections.



  • The late Golda and Sam Suchait of Paris, for providing photos, recollections and such warm hospitality. The sad loss of such beautiful people in such a short time is lessened only by the knowledge they were apart for an equally short time.

  • Lynda Temple of Pyrford, Surrey, for providing fascinating information on her father's music career and being so enthusiastic about the Tempelchof/Krzywe developments!

  • Valerie Bell of Chigwell, Essex, for contributing huge amounts of genealogical minutiae and photo identifications.



  • The late Manis Goldberg of London, for spending years as family historian and giving me the results of his early efforts to find Uncle Shir’s family. It is such a shame that we only found them just months after he died.

  • Anthea Gerrie of Ticehurst, Sussex, for being such an enthusiastic research partner.

  • Valerie and Peter Greenwood of Edgware, London and Jeffrey Kaiser of Morton Grove, IL, for spending hours translating numerous Polish and Russian vital records. Without their hard work, so much less would have been possible.

  • Serge Rycine and family of Paris, for providing photos, photocopies from Klarsfeld’s book, Madeleine’s memoirs and an unforgettable week in my favourite city.

  • My beloved father, Norman Marks, for funding the purchase of certificates and helping me extract information from Grandma Marie and Aunty Bertha at the outset of my research.

  • Derek Barton, for providing a detailed explanation of the abbreviations surrounding Manis Goldberg's military service during World War II.

  • Bruce Bardarik of Paterson Free Public Library, NJ, for providing census and street directory data, introducing the connection to the Cyngler family.

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