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Photo 01-08-01



Large gathering of Goldberg, Templehoff and Linder families, and friends


(standing, left to right)


Lou Gee (né Goldberg)

Alf Burnstein (unrelated)

Kiwa (Kaye) Goldberg

Kitty Burnstein (unrelated)

Hetty Temple (née Kramer)

Lubicz (Lewis) Shulzinger

Harris Linder

Rachel (Rae) Goldberg (née Reuben)

Izrael Goldberg

Jack Burkeman (unrelated)

Marie Marks (née Goldberg)

"Mr Burnstein" (unrelated)

"Mrs Fletcher" (next door neighbours

"Mr Fletcher"   of the Linders)

"Uncle Davis" (thought to be unrelated)

Bella Linder (née Goldberg)

Benjamin (Bert) Linder (background)

(seated in chairs, left to right)


"Aunty Kitty" (unrelated)

"Mima Zeeral" (unrelated)

Golda Linder

Chana Ita Goldberg (née Tempelchof)

Alf Burnstein's mother (unrelated)

Uncle Davis' wife (unrelated)


(seated on ground, left to right)


Ronald Goldberg

Stella Burkeman (unrelated)


Taken at the home of Bella and Bert Linder, 29 Blackthorne Drive, London, c.1938,

possibly on the occasion of the bris of Alan Linder


Photo from estate of Gertrude Brown




Photo 01-08-02



Gathering on the announcement of my parents' engagement


(left to right)


Izrael Goldberg

Ilona Goodman (later Marks)

Norman Marks

Rachel Goodman (née Rose)


Taken at Ilona's parents' house, 48 Hartington Road, London W4, October 1965


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Photo donated by Norman Marks




Photo 01-08-03



Guests at Anthea Goldberg's first wedding


London, 27 June 1971


(left to right)


Michel Oger

Bertha Harrison (née Goldberg)

Rachel Oger (née Parzenczewski)

Gaby Goldcher (née Parzenczewski)

Léon Goldcher

Marie Marks (née Goldberg)

Sam Marks


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Photo from estate of Marie Marks




Photo 01-08-04



One of the tables at Anthea Goldberg's first wedding


London, 27 June 1971


(clockwise from far left)


Norman Marks (half out of shot)

Bert Linder

Léon Goldcher

Michel Oger

Serge Rycine

Brigitte Oger (later Molimard, then Boquillon)

Manis Goldberg (standing in background)

Esther (Stella) Goldberg (née Davidson, standing in background)

Rachel Oger (née Parzenczewski, partially obscured)

Lou Gee (né Goldberg)

Gaby Goldcher (née Parzenczewski)

Bella Linder (née Goldberg)

Marie Marks (née Goldberg)

Sam Marks

Ilona Marks (née Goodman)


Photo from estate of Marie Marks




Photo 01-08-05



Marie Marks (née Goldberg)

Sam Marks (top)

Izrael Goldberg

Trudy Pearl (née Freeman)


Yiddish inscription reads:


"Liebe schwester... dein bild... Scheindls tochter...macht..."


"Dear sister... your picture... Scheindl's daughter...makes"


Taken at the home of Marie and Sam Marks, 86A Brondesbury Avenue, London NW3, c. early 1970s


Photo donated by Serge Rycine. Partial translation by Saul Marks.



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