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(10 FEBRUARY 1945)








Feb. 10 – 1945

David S. Thomas,

48 Crescent Beach Rd.

Glen Cove, L.I.


My Very Dear Nepiew’s Son, Mr. Herbert Kovalsky It was a Greate Delite To Me From The First Time I met you in Mr. & Mrs. andersons House wen you & your Father and your Dear Friend Came. But I Was more yet Surprised Wen I Came To your House and I Did se you and your Dear Friend Duing all The Good House Cleaning and your Good & Taisty Cooking. it shure Was a Greate Surprise To me as never Dreamed Of That City and College Boys Can Du Such Cind Of Woork. Wen I Came To Glen Cove I Told Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and They Olso Was Surprised To Ear That Good Prase Of your Good n Gentle Looking young Men. I only Holpe & Pray To Good God That The Bloody War Will Be Olver So That The war will not Ged you n all The Rest Of The Boys. But Keap Up your Chin With Good spririt My Dear Herbert you shure Did Give Me a swell welcome and a Very Generous Tritment with your Good & Taisty Cood Fish n. o. Boy Thet wine was Just The Cond Of Medicine It Build me Up With a Good appetite n Before I Got on my Train I Ed To Ged more norishing n it Made Me Fill Fine Thank God n I Thank you. you shure are a Good Doctor & you Gest it Right wat I was in need. So I may Bless you & God Blass you With Evry Think you Wish For So you Will Enjoy a Happy Life n a Comfortable Life Life n you make a improved Life So as From you On Life Should Be More Sweednes n More Plesant With Good Happines as you and I We Did Have a Interesting Talk over sertan Think n I Du Enjoy To Talk To you and To your Boy Friend as whatever you Say Sounds So Sensible. Not Like young Kids Talk you & your Friend Talk Like Good n weel scled Persons With Good Personality I only Pray For all Of yours young men To Be Safe Wer Ever you are & werever you Will Be God Bles you. I will appreciate To Ear From you Good News My Best Wishes To you and To all Of your Friend From Uncle Dave. Mr. & Mrs. And Miss Anderson are Wishing you The Best Of Good Luck n Be Happy Regard To your Father Morris


Again, this letter demonstrates the love David Thomas had for Herbert, speaking to him in loving terms and becoming very animated at the thought of his being forced to participate in the war. David is clearly proud of Herbert and the young man he has become.


The only real difference between this letter and his one of a month earlier to his daughter, Evelyn, is his reference to God. Only once in this letter does he underline Hashem's Name, and several times he does not. In his earlier letter, he underlines every use of the word.


For a more detailed general commentary on David's identity and writing style, go to his letter of 10 January 1945 to his daughter Evelyn.


Letter donated by Robin Kavall. Transcription by Saul Marks.


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