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Abraham Rose (né Abram Brzezinski)


Leeds, c.1890s


Abraham was probably born in Kalisz, Poland, c.1849, but married in London in 1872.

He established himself in Leeds firstly as a tailor, then as a butcher and,

by the time of his death in 1903,the family ran a chain of kosher butcher's shops.


The photo in the centre is a duplicate of that on the far left, but has been cut into an oval shape. The reverse of the oval, shown here on the far, includes the remainder of a description of Abraham, in terms of the colour of his hair, beard, moustache etc.


Photos donated by Evelyn Fisher




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Fanny Rose (née Samuel(s))


Fanny was probably born in London c.1854, and married there in 1872. She had 12 children in 25 years, mostly in Leeds, and opened her own rag business there after her husband died. She died in Leeds in 1918.


Probably taken in Leeds, c.1890


This photo is a reproduction carried out at a studio in Chiswick, London. This was the district where Fanny's daughters, Rachel and Leah, lived out their lives from the 1950s, so it can be assumed this reproduction dates from around that time.


Probably taken in Leeds, c.1905


Although Evelyn Fisher said this was Fanny's mother, Hanna Samuel(s) (née Schelinski), this seems highly unlikely, given the apparent age of the woman in this photo. The overwhelming resemblance to the photo on the left suggests this is also Fanny. The children pictured with her seem too young to be her children and too old to be her grandchildren, so they may be a niece and nephew.


Photos donated by Evelyn Fisher




Photo 04-08-05



Myer Rose, his wife Sarah (née Cohen) and elder daughter Adelaide (aka Addy, later Barnett)


Leeds, 1912


Myer was born in London in 1877, but was brought up in Leeds.

He married and raised his family in Manchester, where he died in 1940.


Read about the globetrotting succession of migrations undertaken by Addy and her family


Photo donated by Naomi Barnett




Photo 04-08-06



Michael (aka Mick) Rose, the butcher


Leeds, c.1920


Mick was born in London in 1880, but was brought up in Leeds. He died there in 1954.


Read a hilarious anecdote involving Mick's youthful exploits!


Photo donated by Evelyn Fisher




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The elusive Philip (aka Phil) Rose


Phil was born in Stroud, Gloucestershire, in 1882, but was brought up in Leeds. He was highly intelligent and had a head for business. He moved first to Australia, then to Chicago and, finally, to Los Angeles, where he died in 1969.


Chicago, IL, c.1914


With wife Jennie (née Deane) and son Abe


Inscription on reverse reads: "To Rachael & Harry with love"


Probably taken in Los Angeles, CA, 1950s


With nephew-in-law Cyril Simons


Photos donated by Evelyn Fisher




Photo 04-08-09



My great-grandmother, Rachel Rose (later Goodman), aged 17


Leeds, 1901/2


Rachel was born in Leeds in 1885 and married there in 1909. She died in London in 1971.


See photos of Rachel and her own family


Photo donated by Evelyn Fisher




Photo 04-08-10



Joseph Cohen and Cissie (Sarah) Cohen (née Rose)


Leeds, c.1930s


Cissie was born in Leeds c.1893 and married and settled in Dublin in the 1920s.

She and her family returned to England in the 1930s before emigrating to Montréal, Canada in the 1940s.

She died there in 1978


Photo donated by Evelyn Fisher




Photo 04-08-11



Wedding of Jack Coplin and Sonia Frankenstein


back row (left to right)


Percy Rose

Albert Coplin

Estelle Simons (née Goodman)

Cyril Simons

Sydney Goldstein

middle row (left to right)


Rachel Goodman (née Rose)

Harry Goodman (né Aaron Gutman)

Rebecca (aka Becky) Coplin (née Rose)

Jack Coplin

Sonia Frankenstein (now Coplin)

Esther Shedlow (née Rose)

Leah Lewis (née Rose)

Rita Goldstein (née Rose)


front row (seated, left to right)


Bessie Rose (née Stambois)

Michael (aka Mick) Rose

Leeds, 1951


Photo donated by Evelyn Fisher



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