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It is impossible to acknowledge every contact I make within each family, simply as there are so many, and it would defeat the object of the section. The following are those who have contributed most to the advancement of the family tree and family history, and why. We are all heavily indebted to you, and to everyone else who has contributed by any means.




  • Raphael Tish and Phyllis Harbus of New York City, for providing such willing support, as well as passionate recollections of the New York Tish family. Every family should be lucky enough to include people like these, so full of love and so happy to help others.

  • The late Franklin Tish of Potomac, MD, for providing his father's "autobiography" and a comprehensive tree of the descendants of Max and Fannie Tish.

  • The late Lucy Cohen and family of Towaco, NJ (and elsewhere), for providing recollections and boundless enthusiasm! Lucy will be very sadly missed, and it is a tragedy she was unable to see this website.



  • Daphne and Beverley Morris of Blackheath, London, and Chislehurst, Kent (respectively), for extracting so much genealogical information from Philip Star on his visits to England in the years before I was born.

  • Harriet Albersheim of Rockville, MD, for providing a spellbinding anecdotal history of the descendants of Moszk and Chana Basza Staroletni and, in particular, the tragic events of the summer of 1941.

  • Howard Levine of Valencia, CA, for providing photos and genealogical data.



  • Jeffrey Kaiser of Morton Grove, IL, for locating, purchasing and translating innumerable Polish and Russian certificates, thereby advancing beyond all imagination the detail of knowledge about our early Radzilow ancestors, as well as being such an enthusiastic and open research partner, and always the "Voice of Maturity"! What does that red spot mean?!

  • Robin Kavall of Columbia, MD, for providing numerous family photos and correspondence from her father's estate, including the priceless one of the Kowalski family forge. Also for funding the purchase of certificates and very quickly becoming an indispensable member of the Kowalski/Piechota/Chemnicki research group.

  • Amy Stover of the University of Miami, FL, for providing a large number of photos of her scattered branch of the Kowalski family from Eileen Rothman's estate, as well as spending hours accessing the Yad Vashem database and doing several menial tasks necessary in the final stages of the construction of this site. Definitely a "Quality Cousin"!



  • The late Lynda Harvey of Harrow, London, for years of painstaking investigation and compilation of information, and a legacy of spine-tingling photos.

  • Josť Gutstein of Miami, FL, for ordering scores of certificates from Poland on our behalf and for providing an amazing Radzilow website but, most of all, for putting up with my overly long e-mails and hundreds of questions on a regular basis, over a number of years! He has also acted as advisor on web design throughout the construction of this website, for which I am immensely grateful. Without Josť, my family history, along with many, many others', would be infinitely poorer.

  • Daphne Morris of Blackheath, London, for being so enthusiastic about every aspect of tracing our family history, for funding the purchase of certificates and providing numerous photos and priceless recollections.

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