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This article appeared in the Jewish Telegraph on Friday 31 July 2009:





Dr Louis Debson with son Jack Debson and Aaron Beth,

Daniel Sher, Moyra Jacobs, Renee Sobell, Michael Fitts,

and Margo and Alan Rosenberg


It has been more than 100 years since the Debovitch family travelled from Poland and fragmented across the world.

But on Sunday the family was brought back together for a reunion in Manchester to honour the 95th birthday of Dr Louis Debson, originally a Debovitch.
Family members travelled from as far afield as the US to attend the reunion, held in the Sha'arei Shalom North Manchester Reform Synagogue.


The Debovitch family left Poland at the end of the 19th century for America, but some members stopped in England and ended up settling in Sheffield, including Sam who met and married Gertie (nee Goodman). The couple had six sons - all of whom served in World War II - and three daughters.


Over time, the sons changed their names to Debson or Dawson for commercial reasons, including Dr Debson. Dr Debson made a name for himself in the army after saving the sight of a soldier by successfully performing an operation on his eye by jeep headlight in a Burmese jungle.


The oldest living member of the Debovitch family - and the only family member in the UK to retain the original surname - is Edith, who was married to eldest Debovitch son Jack and who celebrated her 100th birthday in December, 2008. While Edith was unable to attend the celebrations on Sunday, her daughter Cynthia was present.


She said: "It all went off very well and it was enjoyed by all. For me personally, it was very nice to meet up with one of my relations from America who I have been in touch with. Dr Debson made a speech and many people paid tribute to him."


Dr Debson lives in Liverpool with his son Jack and his son's partner, Moyra Jacobs.




Source: "Jewish Telegraph", Liverpool edition, Friday 31 July 2009, page 2.

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