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These are the main details extracted from Joseph Leventhall's naturalisation papers:






Joseph Leventhall


2 Millgarth Street, Leeds


A Subject of the Czar of Russia

Place and Date of Birth

Kovno in the Empire of Russia, 15th April 1860

Parent' Names and Nationalities

Isaac Leventhall and Perra Leventhall both of Russian nationality




Oil and Produce Merchant

Marital Status and Dependent Children

Married with five children:



Annie Leventhall, aged 8 years, born in Leeds


Myer Leventhall, aged 6 years, born in Leeds


Percy Leventhall, aged 4 years, born in Leeds


Ada Leventhall, aged 3 years, born in Leeds


Sophia Leventhall, aged 2 years, born in Leeds


all residing with him.

Place of Business

2 Millgarth Street, Leeds

Place of Residence in Last Five Years

February 1888 to November 1890: 66 Byron Street, Leeds
November 1890 to December 1892: 36 Lady Lane, Leeds
December 1892 to present time: 2 Millgarth Street, Leeds

Reason for Naturalisation

A desire to acquire the right to vote in Parliamentary and Local Elections

Mark or Signature

Joseph Leventhall

Date of Declaration

11th November 1895 at Leeds


Mr J H Linforth, Leeds Liberal Federation, 8 Park Square, Leeds

(Justice of the Peace Witness)

Wm Marston

(Referee for Verification of Address)(Signed 11 November 1895)

Richard Goodhind of 10 Ramsden Terrace, Leeds


(All signed 11 November 1895)

George Hornblower of 44 Quadrant Street, Leeds

Thomas Mitchell of 28 Banstead Street, Leeds

Thomas Cowling of 1 Hirst's Yard, Briggate, Leeds

Barnaby Baines of 53 Swinegate, Leeds


Due to some discrepancies in the addresses given above, a police report to the Mayor of Leeds was commissioned, which is reproduced below:


Leeds City Police,

Detective Department,

Town Hall,


10th Decr 18 95


Worshipful Sir,


I have to report that I have caused enquiry to be made respecting Mr Joseph Leventhall, residing at No 1 Bridge Street, Leeds, business address No 2 Millgarth Street, Leeds, who is applying for a Certificate of naturalisation, and I find that the applicant on removing from No 36 Lady Lane, Leeds, in December, 1892 went to reside at No 44 Nelson Street, Leeds, and remained at that address up to September 1894, when he removed to No 1 Bridge Street, his present address.


Nothing is known against his character. His referees are householders and natural born British subjects, their signatures are genuine, nothing is known against their characters, and they say they have known the applicant for the periods stated in their respective declarations, and have gained their knowledge of the applicant by calling, upon matters relating to business.


The Referee, Barnaby Baines, resides at No 34 Reservoir Street, Leeds, No 53 Swinegate being his business address.


The applicant states that he intends to reside permanently in England, and his reasons for applying to be Naturalized are that he may enjoy the rights and privileges of a British subject.


I am, Worshipful Sir,


Your Obedient Servant,


Fr... Webb

Chief Constable


There were several months' delay between the completion of the formal naturalisation procedure and Joseph's signature of the Oath of Allegiance. The following letter from his agent to the Home Secretary explains why:


Leeds Liberal Federation,

Office, 8 Park Square,



June 29th 189 6


To the Rt Hon Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department.

Right Hon Sir.


Enclosed you will find Certificate of Joseph Leventhall with the Oath duly certified.


Memorialist has been very ill for some time or the Certificate would have been forwarded sooner.


Yours obediently


J. H. Linforth


Joseph's Certificate of naturalisation was granted on 27 January 1896, and he signed the Oath of Allegiance on 6 May.



TNA refs: Papers: HO144/382/B19652. Certificate: HO334/23/A8711.

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