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It is impossible to acknowledge every contact I make within each family, simply as there are so many, and it would defeat the object of the section. The following are those who have contributed most to the advancement of the family tree and family history, and why. We are all heavily indebted to you, and to everyone else who has contributed by any means.




  • Scott Flaving and Mr C Ford of the West Riding Regiment, for supplying huge tracts of the 1/4 Battalion war diary and answering my myriad questions! Thanks to their generosity, my knowledge of Morris Goodman's World War I experiences would be virtually nil.

  • Shirley Goodman of Sunderland, for allowing me access to all her Goodman research, letting me borrow and scan numerous precious photos, and being a fine family historian for Joseph Goodman's family.

  • Stuart Goodman of Finchley, London, for providing genealogical information and arranging an afternoon of great fun with his family in Leeds in January.

  • Ena Debson of Liverpool, for providing large amounts of genealogical minutiae and entrusting me with her wedding album for scanning!

  • Louis Debson and Moyra Jacobs of New Brighton, Wirral, for providing fascinating family stories and genealogical data.

  • Leila Vure of Leeds, for putting me in touch with the Debovitch family and beginning the trail of telephone numbers that led to the inclusion of the wider Goodman family in the summer of 2002.

  • Roger Dawson of Lytham, Lancashire, for providing a comprehensive Gedcom of the Debovitch family.




  • Naomi Barnett of Melbourne, Australia, for actually being more obsessed with genealogy than me, and for being the most fun research partner of them all! She is possibly the closest friend I've made to date in my whole extended family, since starting to trace them. Thank you for everything, Nome!

  • Eileen Rothstein of Montréal, Canada, for providing a copy of the 1872 ketubah, many recollections of family life and some fascinating theories about the fate of (the wrong) Uncle Phil!

  • Leila Vure of Leeds, for providing many recollections of the very earliest of my ancestors to settle in England, allowing me access to her amazing photo collection and acting as a family telephone directory!

  • Roger Rose and family, of Newark, Nottinghamshire, for allowing me access to various photos, including his uncle Wallace, and his father's war medals.

  • Jackye Sullins of the British-Jewry RootsWeb Discussion Group, for all her helpful suggestions in the long search for traces of (the right) Uncle Phil.

  • Michelle Rose now of Knaresborough, formerly of Leeds, for introducing me to the Gildersome and Hilltop cemeteries in Leeds.

  • Cynthia, formerly of the United Hebrew Congregation in Leeds, for providing numerous grave references in both these cemeteries.



  • Evelyn Fisher of Solihull, near Birmingham, for allowing me access to her wonderful photo collection and providing many recollections of family life.

  • Valerie and Peter Greenwood of Edgware, London, for providing recollections, research suggestions and moral support!

  • Penny Goodman and family of Chiswick, London, for hosting the remarkable reunion with Simi’s family in August 2001.

  • Sherry Landa of the British-Jewry RootsWeb Discussion Group, for providing details of a great many marriages of my Leeds ancestors.

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