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Family Earliest Known Location and Location of Descendants Today Inter-Connection
BRZEZINSKI Thought to be Kalisz, west-central Poland. My branch to London c.1870. Descendants now in UK, Australia, South Africa, Israel & USA, Married into GUTMAN 1908.
CHEMNICKI Karwowo, outside Radzilow, north-east Poland, in 1810s until 1830s. Married into KOWALSKI 1826.
CYMBERKNOPF Rozprza, south-central Poland, possibly as early as 1730, right up until WWII. Spread to many towns, particularly Radomsko. Descendants now worldwide, including USA, UK, Israel, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Brazil & Argentina. Married into GOLDBERG 1827.
DOBRZYNSKI Probably near Szczecin & Witkowo, north-west Poland. To London probably before 1849.  Most descendants remain in UK. Married into BRZEZINSKI 1872.
FRYDMAN Radom, eastern Poland, in 1860s. Married into GUTMAN 1871.
GOLDBERG Grocholice, now part of Belchatow, south-central Poland by 1820s. My branch then to Lodz 1870s. Descendants now in London, Paris & Florida. My paternal grandmother's family.
GUTMAN Ivangorod, now part of Deblin, eastern Poland, in 1850s. My branch to Leeds 1888. Descendants almost entirely remain in UK. My maternal grandfather's family.
KOMOROWSKI Lodz, central Poland, by 1830s, until WWII. Some descendants now in Leeds. Married into GOLDBERG 1872.
KOWALSKI Konopki-Blonie, outside Radzilow, north-east Poland, as early as 1740s. Most descendants to USA, UK & Israel from c.1900 to 1930. Married into TYSZKOWSKI 1914.
KRZYWIE Burzenin, south-central Poland, in 1790s then moved to Aleksandrow Lodzki, a few miles to the north-east, before 1826. Descendants now mostly in London and Montreal, with branches in Sweden & Czech Republic. Married into TEMPELCHOF 1878.
LINENBERG Radzilow, north-east Poland, in 1870s & possibly in nearby villages before that. Descendants in UK, USA & Israel. Married into KOWALSKI 1876.
MARKOWICZ Jedwabne, north-east Poland, in 1850s. Many descendants in New York. Married into TYSZKOWSKI early 1860s.
PIECHOTA Radzilow, north-east Poland, as early as 1770s & probably before (possibly under SZAPSOWICZ) until WWII. Some descendants in Israel & USA. Married into KOWALSKI 1850s.
RODSZTEJN Possibly from Wizna, north-east Poland, maybe as ROTSZYLD, then to Radzilow. Married into LINENBERG 1840s.
RUDECKI Lodz, central Poland, as early as 1800s & probably before, under SZMULOWICZ. Married into KOMOROWSKI late 1830s
SCHELINSKI Witkowo, north-west Poland, in 1830s. My branch to London 1849. Married into DOBRZYNSKI in or shortly before 1849.
STAROLETNI Radzilow, north-east Poland, in 1820s until WWII. Descendants now in USA, UK, Israel & South Africa. Married into TYSZKOWSKI mid-1880s.
SZMIDBERG Aleksandrow Lodzki, south-central Poland, in 1850s. Married into KRZYWIE 1852/3.
TARAKHOVSKII Borzna, northern Ukraine, as early as 1770s. My branch to Konotop early 1880s, then most to UK c.1893 & c.1905. One branch settled in Yekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk), then to Milwaukee, WI 1908-10. Another branch remained in Ukraine & now Russia. Descendants now mostly in Liverpool, Manchester, London & Milwaukee. My paternal grandfather's family.
TEMPELCHOF Konstantynow Lodzki, south-central Poland, as early as c.1800, then my branch to Lodz early 1880s. Descendants now in UK, Paris & Israel. Married into GOLDBERG 1904.
TOPOROWSKI Radzilow, north-east Poland, as early as 1800s. Married into STAROLETNI late 1850s
TYSZKOWSKI Jedwabne, north-east Poland, in 1840s. Two branches remained until WWII. My branch to Radzilow 1870s. Descendants now in USA, UK & Israel. My maternal grandmother's family.
WOLKOWICZ Konstantynow Lodzki, south-central Poland, in 1840s. Married into TEMPELCHOF 1849.
WOZOWSKI Konstantynow Lodzki, south-central Poland, in 1820s. Married into TEMPELCHOF early 1820s.


Saul Marks

28 Aug 2008


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